TCS004 – An Origami Inspired Lifestyle with Ross Symons

Ross Symons is a full time origami artist based in Cape Town, South Africa. He was working a nine-to-five job as a web developer at a big multinational agency when he started a little project:

365 days, 365 origami art pieces. It unfolded into a successful new career and today he is South Africa’s most well-known origamist.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Advice for breaking out to do your own thing.
  • Why starting a passion project is better than starting a business.
  • Using Origami to de-stress.
  • Real world applications of Origami.

Links mentioned in this episode:

Wayne Dyer’s book- Change your Thoughts, Change your Life.

Robert Lang’s Book- Origami Design Secrets

Origami Tutorials with Jo Nakashima

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